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33rd Camerino-Cyprus Symposium

Camerino, May 15-19, 2016

Receptor Chemistry: Reality and Vision


Sunday 15th 2016 Openinig Cerimony

Opening lecture: "Seven Transmembrane Receptors"
Robert J. Lefkowitz
2012 Nobel Prize in Chemisty
(Duke University Medical Center - USA)

Scientific Program

(Under construction. The following speakers have already accepted the invitation to participate. Reported also a tentative title of their lecture)



Session Title: "Modeling GPCRs in the Structural Biology Era"
Stefano Costanzi (American University - USA) & Stefano Moro (University of Padua - Italy)


"Modeling and Structure Based Deorphanization of GPCR"
Ruben Abagyan

(University of California, San Diego - USA)


"To be defined"
Claudio Cavasotto

(Instituto de Biomedicina, Buenos Aires - Argentina)


"Molecular Modelling Studies on Adenosine Receptors and Their Ligands"
Diego Dal Ben
(University of Camerino - Italy)


"Polypharmacology of Conformationally Rigid Nucleosides: Purine Receptors and Beyond”
Kenneth A. Jacobson
(NIDDK - NIH - Bethesda - USA)


"Revelations from GPCR Protein-Ligand Structures, with Key Roles for Water and the Prediction of Kinetics."
Jonathan Mason
(Heptares, Welwyn Garden City, UK)


"To be defined"
Nagarajan Vaidehi
(City of Hope Duarte, CA, USA)


“Structural Insights into Transmembrane Receptor Signaling”
Andrew C. Kruse
(Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA - USA)


"Mutant Muscarinic Receptors as Novel Chemogenetic Tools"
Jurgen Wess
(NIDDK - NIH - Bethesda, MD, USA)


Session Title: "Understanding GPCR-ligand interactions"
ob Leurs  (VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


"Identification of Endogenous and Surrogate Ligands for Orphan G Protein-Coupled Receptors"
David Gloriam
(Univerisity of Copenhagen, Denmark)


"Structural Biology of Lipid Receptors"
 Mike Hanson
(GPCR consortium, USA)


"To be defined"
Gyorgy Keseru
(Hungarian Academy of Science, Hungary)


Session Title: "Beyond Receptor Chemistry: Transporters"
Richard A. Glennon
  (Virginia Commonwealth University - USA)


"The Importance of Kinases in the Regulation of Monoamine Transporter-Mediated Efflux”
Harald H. Sitte
(Medical University Vienna - Austria)


"Elucidation of Substrate- and Ion-Induced Conformational Changes in Neurotransmitter: Sodium Symporters by Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
Claus Juul Løland
(University of Copenhagen - Denmark)


"Beyond Monoamine Transporters: Organic Cation Transporters (OCTs)"
Malgorzata Dukat
(Virginia Commonwealth University - USA)


"To be defined"
Fabio del Bello
(University of Camerino - Italy)


Session Title: "Advanced Clinical Studies with Drugs for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease"
Chair: Wolfgang Froestl
(AC Immune SA - Switzerland)


" Encenicline, an Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Partial Agonist "
Duane Burnett
(FORUM Pharmaceuticals Inc. - USA)


" Tozadenant, a Potent and Selective Adenosine 2A Receptor Antagonist "
Stephen I Bandak
(Biotie Therapies Inc. - USA)


" ANAVEX-2-73, a Sigma-1 Receptor Agonist"
Christopher Missling
(ANAVEX Life Science Corp. - USA)


"Azeliragon; A RAGE Antagonist in Phase 3 Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease"
Robert Andrews
(vTv Therapeutics - USA)


Session Title: "Dopamine D2-like Receptors: From Structure and Function to Potential Therapeutics"
 Amy H. Newman (NIDA-IRP, NIH - USA)


"To be defined"
Amy H. Newman


"To be defined"
Alessandro Bonifazi


"To be defined"
Stefania Butini
(University of Siena - Italy)


"Implication of Multifunctional D3 Preferring Agonist as Therapeutic Agents in Parkinson’s Disease"
Aloke Dutta
(Wayne State University - USA)


Session Title: "The Future"
David J. Triggle (SUNY University - USA)


"Publish and Perish: Where Is Scientific Publication Going?"
Chris R. Triggle
(Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar - Qatar)


"Drug Discovery Innovation: The Evolving Role of Medicinal Chemistry"
Joel Barrish
(Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D - USA)


"What Can We Get from Natural Products and Alternative Medicine?"
Shyam S. Chatterjee


"Zombies and Their Pharmacology. What Can Host-Parasite Relationships Teach us About New Pharmacological Approaches?"
David J. Triggle
(SUNY University - USA)


"Summing Up"
Richard A. Glennon  (Virginia Commonwealth University - USA)




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