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Marco Polo programme

lingua italiana

The Marco Polo progamme has been designed and developed by CRUI at the request of the President of the Italian Republic, to increase the number of Chinese students in Italian universities.
Chinese Students participating in the project must submit to the Italian consular representatives in China the pre-enrollment application for a course leading to a first degree or higher degree in a speciality chosen from among those for which individual universities have provided a specific number of places.
The list of courses and the corresponding quota of reserved places for each University is available on the internet site of the Ministry of University and Research, at http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/ : http://www.studyinitaly.cn/cn_news_diy.php?id=16.
To attend the course in Italian language, the students must also indicate in their application the university campus in which they are interested.
Together with the pre-enrollment application form, students must provide documentation of studies, including the certification of academic eligibility called "Gao Kao", as well as a statement attesting to the availability of means of financial support.
Then the Consular Representative must submit to the universities the applications received together with the required documents relating to previous studies.
The Universities accept with reserve all applications, allowing the issue of visas to Chinese students who do not have a basic knowledge of Italian to enable them to follow in Italy propaedeutic language courses the acquisition of the relevant study documentation.
Once in Italy, the students will have to apply for a residence permit to study in the way according to the terms laid down in existing legislation. Students must take the tests required for admission in accordance with the timetable set for the general students. By passing these tests, students can complete their registration directly in Italy.
Eligible students who are not offered a place on a specific course at their chosen university can apply for another course of study there or one at another university.
Students who do not pass the tests for admission or who, although eligible, do not obtain a place on another cousre or at another university must leave Italy not later than the expiration of the visa or residence permit to study, with exeption of the who have another legal reason for extending their stay.
The University of Camerino, in order to provide the appropriate language training required to follow academic courses, collaborates with two schools specialized in teaching of Italian language for foreigners and accredited by the Ministry of Education.

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Le Antiche Torri - Sarnano
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